Kristiana Spaulding is a designer and interior stylist with a love of travel and Airstream caravans.

It was on a cross country road trip with her family when she was 7 years old, that she first saw and fell in love with Airstream trailers.

Spaulding founded Silver Trailer with her first Airstream, a 1967 Trade Wind, in 2002 for her MFA thesis project in San Francisco. The collection of vintage travel trailers has grown, as has her passion for small living spaces. With over a decade of experience working with companies and individuals, she takes pleasure and pride in her attention to detail. She thrives on the collaboration and uniqueness of each rental project. 


“The thing about Kristiana is that she’s a very likable person. Mix that with her amazing imagination and creativity and you can’t help but fall in love with her and her art. She’s taken what you would think to be a traditionally male-dominated project and turned it upside down and said, ‘Women can do this too.’ And she’s not only done it, she’s done it well.”  

~ Bruce Littlefield, Author of Airstream Living.